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Private Readings with Shauna

Friday, September 24th, 2010

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Where's your youthful exuberance?  Lost your Mojo?
I help people ignite their 'inner fire'.
 Are you tired all the time? Weight an issue? Is there anything you would like to change about your body? Are you looking for a great relationship? Is your job or career not satisfying? Or just ‘know’ that something more is possible? My point of view is if it's not fun, why do it? Let's get you and your lovely body happy, doing things you love doing with people who nurture and support you. The world is experiencing a massive shift on all levels – politically, financially and physically and many of us feeling the urge to change and transform. What if it could be far more exciting, easy and joyful than you can imagine? I start by doing a complete energy scan to identify where you might be experiencing lack of flow in your life, either in relationships, finances or health and where these issues are coming from. We may discuss past lives, angels, entities and elementals if that's relevant right now. When you can ask your body what it would like to eat and wear, and what movement it would like to do (bodies hate 'exercise' and 'diets') then it can begin to heal, reshape and become the ticket to paradise it's designed to be. Attracting your 'dream' relationship becomes easy when we clear what's stopping that from happening. Creating a business or job that satisfies you and fulfils your gifts and talents is an exciting and enjoyable journey when you discover and follow what's possible for you! The aim is to assist you to get clarity and perspective so that you can use your own knowingness and awareness to move forward,and give you the tools and a strategy so you can. Why I can do this? More than 30 years of study, development and working with literally thousands of people. I've found that most of us are so distracted and overloaded by everyday life, the past and other people's worries which we take on and absorb, that we have lost clarity and perspective about what would work for us. Often, what would bring happiness and fulfillment is very different from what we have assumed.  I assist you to cut through all that by giving you a clear reading of what's going on in your system. How I do this? With my special combination of clairvoyance, direct channeling and energy clearing abilities. What should you expect? A transformative experience. My clients usually find that their lives shift in the days and weeks after. With every session you have, you will feel better, clearer and more open to positive change. But most importantly… …is my ability to open windows in time and point you towards your amazing potentials and innate gifts. But I don't pull any punches. If you want a warm fuzzy reading of fluff there's lots of 'readers' around who can give you that. I have a pure psychic channel. This means I am unable to tell you what you want to hear if it is not true. Who do I consult with? business people regarding their businesses and careers artists, writers & musicians about their creativity people with relationship problems celebrities about their insecurities ‘normal’ people who just would like life to flow a bit better. Making an appointment Private Sessions are available by phone, skype or in person. You can choose from a 30 minute Discovery Session which is $135.00, or a full session.  Book here This first session is vital and is a prequisite for ...

Shauna Teaken

Friday, September 24th, 2010

With sharp intellect and a dry humour, Shauna offers a special combination of clairvoyance, direct channeling and energy clearing that makes her classes, workshops and individual consultations enjoyable and refreshingly honest. And, yes, they also happen to be life changing. “Once I started work with Shauna I noticed a significant manifestation of opportunities in my professional and personal life.” Simone de Haas, Director, Creative Catalyst Shauna explains what she isn’t “I originally trained as a medium (in the early 80’s) in the style of John Edwards. I found that speaking with dead people can be very boring – as they say, ‘Just ‘cos they’re dead doesn’t make ‘em smart!’” – Shauna Teaken, Intuitive Psychic Over 30 years collective experience in:

  • Clairvoyance: Over 27 years experience, thousands readings (training: 1983).
  • Massage: Remedial Massage (Diploma awarded: 1980) One of Australia’s first Deep Tissue Muscle therapists (qualified: 1981)   Reiki Master/teacher (qualified: 2002, took 1st level training in 1985).
  • Theta Healing: Certified Theta Healing Instructor (certified: 2007).
  • Additional study & experience: Astrology, herbal medicine, nutrition, sports therapy. Certified Access Bars Facilitator (2010)
Tap into Shauna:
  • Private readings with Shauna (one-on-one) Shauna’s different than most psychics. For a start: she talks with you, not at you. More
  • Private De-stress Meditations Feeling stressed? What you need is a practical guided meditation with meditation expert, Shauna Teaken. No lotus position, yoga mats or eastern mysticism. More
  • Break it Wide Open Mentoring Program Imagine a future ‘you’ that is calmer and happier – wealthier too. Now imagine having the steps to get to being that person written on a postcard. More
  • Access the Bars (workshop) Release built-up stress, anxiety and/or trauma by the gentle touch of key points on your head. More
Practical tools Whether it is a private consultation or a workshop, Shauna ensures you leave with manageable, practical advice and approaches to apply - so life continues to get better. Contact Shauna to find out how she can help you.